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You think you heard everything they had to say, but did you?

(Evidence says no.)

89% of your competitors’ salespeople miss information that is critical to the conversation. Equip your team with the proven sales skills and confidence to establish trust, accurately identify cues of interest and hesitation that show where you fall on the spectrum of trust and disclosure, and reveal the important details that others miss through simple, powerful techniques.

Give them the intelligence gathering techniques to:

Your team will learn to:

"It was probably the most valuable course I've taken in memory. It was really good and really effective. If you can make me change the way I think, then that's a huge win."
– Dir of Sales & Marketing Operations

Your Path to Success - Never See Sales the Same Way Again

Stop misreads:

Teach your team Tactical Behavior Assessment® (TBA™), a critical skill in trust-based relationships to gather more details, particularly ones others miss.

Don’t accept delayed ROI:

Using personalized and interactive exercises, start your team accelerating opportunities immediately.

Transform don’t train:

When you’re successful, you hire. All BIA techniques are integrated into your existing, proven playbook and reinforced with video and repeatable exercises for future hires

Never miss another tough ask:

BIA’s simple, easy to learn skills make sensitive topics and challenging questions sound safe and inviting. BIA shares the science-backed psychology of influence and elicitation in a framework applicable to new and seasoned sellers.

What makes BIA Sales Advantage Training different?

Unique Insights

Unique Insights

Based on techniques developed in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and continuously enhanced over 20 years, our proprietary Tactical Behavior Assessment® (TBA™) methodology provides the tools you need to discover what others are missing.


Sales Methodology Agnostic

The ‘secret weapon’ of top financial service businesses and US Intelligence for decades, our unique and easy-to-learn techniques show your team how to reshape the conversation to get the information others miss.


Interactive and Engaging

An unforgettable training that teaches:

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