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As you look for the most elite talent, what if you could understand a candidate’s confidence in their own abilities and true motivators?

BIA provides a system for developing relationships and testing conviction in a seamless, non-confrontational way.

Measure what matters most to you:

Your team will learn to:

“Eye-opening…[it] provided completely new and useful tools for our interview skills”
– Soren Thinggaard, Head of Private Equity, Industriens Pension

What Makes BIA HR Advantage Different?

Proven objectivity:

Developed for and tested in environments across the globe, Tactical Behavior Assessment® is agnostic to country of origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and level of education. With TBA™, hiring teams can replicate soft skills assessments across interviewers with consistency and accuracy.

“Tamper Resistant”:

TBA™ relies on signals that cannot be consciously controlled to provide interviewers the answers they want to hear. Integrating TBA™ and strong question-formulation techniques into your hiring process provides clear insight into what the candidate truly believes about their own capabilities and preferences.

Transferable Skill:

Your team helps shape the future culture of the organization. We teach TBA, behavioral scoring and construction of psychologically effective questions using proprietary scoring models and a “Train-the-Trainer” framework that enables a knowledge transfer throughout the organization for years to come.

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