Your prospects are sharing LESS than you realize.

Learn techniques to establish trust and evaluate transparency using techniques taught by our ex-CIA experts

Based on techniques developed in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and continuously enhanced since 2001, our proprietary Tactical Behavior Assessment® (TBA™) methodology and EQ enhanced Discovery skills provide the tools to discover what others miss when building relationships.


Teaches you to create an environment of trust and to understand signals of interest, hesitation, and posturing, ensuring that your sales team will never again miss subtle details important to building a relationship.

Teaches you to form trusting relationships while seamlessly and effectively collecting information about a candidate in an objective, non-adversarial way.

We show you HOW to

Business Intelligence Advisors

Quickly identify written and spoken signals indicating a lack of trust and transparency

Business Intelligene Advisors

Act with confidence to help individuals reveal their hidden perceptions and motivators buried in plain sight in emails, phone calls and conversations

Business Intelligene Advisors

Mitigate risk and seize opportunities that others miss when building better relationships

Who is BIA?

For almost 20 years, BIA has applied and improved techniques developed at the Central Intelligence Agency to provide high value solutions to the private sector. BIA has evolved and refined its proprietary Tactical Behavior Assessment® methodology to create an information advantage to global financial institutions and premiere investment firms. BIA brings this powerful expertise and competitive edge to sales leaders with its new BIA for Sales offering, which is gaining rapid traction within Fortune 1000 and startup sales environments.

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