You just returned from the team SKO (sales kickoff) and everybody is pumped!  The 3-day meeting was a melding of the greatest minds and you covered everything from company goals and outlook, to the new product roadmap, to competitive differentiation and messaging – and you spent a full day focused intently on learning the new sales methodology and sales process that will help you crush your 2020 goals!  You’re set!  Or so you think…

According to the LinkedIn State of Sales report, companies in the U.S. spend $15 billion each year to train sales employees; and then even more on incentives.  And guess what… that sales methodology training you just sat through – and paid a lot of money for — will probably have a pretty short shelf-life.  Harvard Business Review notes that studies indicate that more than 80 percent of what was taught will be forgotten within 90 days.  But why?  It was a great training – everybody got a copy of the methodology checklist and the sales process day-to-day cheat sheet.

So how will your team respond as they fall back into their former ways of selling?

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A recipe for disater

A good reason why your sales methodology isn’t working might be because a sales methodology is simply a recipe.  It’s a step-by-step process — instructions if you will — that when followed correctly should get you to a certain outcome.  No matter which sales methodology your team uses, , they all are similar in that they are recipes.  Think about it, you do the sales methodology training and you come out with a playbook that you should follow to move a prospect through the sales cycle.

Sales methodologies are foundational but, they don’t teach your sales team how to make the shift from salesperson to trusted advisor.  This could mean teaching your team how to better:

  • Listen;
  • Frame questions in a more effective manner;
  • Recognize and understand how conscious and subconscious responses alter how all people answer questions

What if you could make your sales methodology really hum by giving it a refresh that makes it more memorable? By taking the recipe instructions provided in your sales methodology playbook and actually teaching your team how to best apply those instructions while teaching soft skills in a memorable manner that will:

  • Change the practice of your salespeople;
    Make your playbook stickier;
  • Double the accuracy of information
  • Take existing best practice and supercharge it with proven psychological techniques

Think about it this way. Which one is a more memorable approach to teach someone how to make chicken scampi?

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The recipe is accurate. It provides step-by-step instruction, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t provide you with anecdotal tips, techniques and experiential advice like the demonstration by Gordon does.

You can simply use the recipe if you want but, you can’t expect it to deliver the same memorable results as the energy and anecdotal experience of the living example.

Questions to ask

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, check out BIA Sales Advantage to supercharge the investments you’ve made in your sales methodology.